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Sports Dentistry


Sports Dentistry has spawned a new word; sportsdentistry. But what is Sports Dentistry and what does sportsdentistry mean? The International Academy for Sports Dentistry gives the following definition; "Sports Dentistry" involves the prevention and treatment of orofacial athletic injuries and related oral diseases, as well as the collection and dissemination of information on dental athletic injuries and the encouragement of research in the prevention of such injuries. The Academy's website is quite useful for accessing information concerning dental / facial trauma prevention and treatment, what to do when a tooth is knocked out, athletic mouthguard types and designs, Trauma cards for distribution may be obtained through the International Academy for Sports Dentistry by contacting the Executive Secretary, Shelly Lott, 118 Faye Street, Farmersville, Illinois 62533; Phone +1-217-227-3431. The e-mail address is

. The public should note well that stock and boil and bite mouthguards bought at sporting good stores do not provide the optimum treatment expected by athletes. Ill fitting mouthguards cannot deal with the individual characteristics athletes and children have. Everyone does no have the same dentition or sex. They do not  play the same sport under the same circumstances and experience.  They do not play the same position. They do not compete at the same level of competition. They are not the same age and do not have the same size mouth. They do not have the same number and shape of teeth. How can a one-size-fits-all mouthguard be properly fitted?  This is the why mouthguards bought at sporting goods stores, without the recommendation of a qualified dentist, should not be worn. Years ago only four types of mouthguards were discussed in the literature: Stock, Boil and Bite, Vacuum Custom made, and Pressure Laminated Custom made. More recently mouthguards are discussed as: Stock, Mouth-formed which includes Boil and Bite, Vacuum Custom made, Combination vacuum and pressure custom made, Pressure Laminated Custom made and Flasked Custom made.

Sports Dentistry Directory

  Members of the press, news media and journalists are invited to contact individual dentists listed in the Sports Dentistry Directory. This elite panal has a wealth of information.

  The idea for having a  Sports Dentistry Directory originally grew out of a need to cover athletes emergency dental needs while on the road. Athletic trainers and team dentists appreciated having this referral source. With time the Directory evolved.

  We get inquiries from all over the globe. People want to know who makes occlusal guards, athletic mouthguards and such in their area. A bio and photo help a lot to give these folks a sense of "it seems like I already know you and feel comfortable" before they even get to their new dental office. That feeling of confidence leads to greater patient treatment plan acceptance and longer patient retention over time. The Sports Dentistry Directory includes many world class professional dentists. It is a virtual electronic Who's Who in Sports Dentistry.

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Above Left: Mohammad Ali's jaw is broken by Ken Norton, San Diego, California, 1973. Above Right: Muhammad Ali Mosque, Cairo, Egypt. It is among the largest in the country.

The Sports Dentistry Directory informs professional colleagues of their expertise and lecture presentation availability in many geographic locations. Important contact information is provided. Dental Editors and Meeting Planning Committee Chairs all over the world read it! There are currently Affiliate Dentists in greater than half the States in the USA, Puerto Rico and twenty-eight countries around the world. To find one near you just go to the Sports Dentistry Directory and click the desired location on the sidebar. To suggest your current dentist as a new affiliate just click nominate.


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