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Sports Dentistry



What is sportsdentistry and Sports Dentistry?

----- Original Message ----- From: Frances Andreasen �sterfelt To: MD Kurtz, DDS Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2003 9:18 AMSubject: Re: San Juan PhotosDear Mike,I'm afraid that I can't help with photo identification. But I was browsing on the website and visited my own page. You're fantastic! Suddenly as the page came up, the Danish national anthem was played - brilliant!
I can tell you, that thanks to this site, I've gotten many referrals from dentists and lay people as to the correct treatment of dental trauma. Thanks for letting me be part of your happening!
I hope all's well with you - things here are hectic as usual.I wish you a good summer.Frances

----- Original Message -----From: To: Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 4:51 PM Subject: Thanks. Mike, I wanted to take time to thank you for your work on your website. I just got another patient directly from your Website. Please let me know if there is a way to link to your website (I am about to set one up) and to update the pic. Respectfully, David R. Patton, DDS, FAGD, Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, Consultant for Sports Dentistry to the Ohio Dental Association, Member of the International Academy for Sports Dentistry, Team Dentist Cleveland Fusion (NWFA), Solon High School, President, David R. Patton, DDS, Inc., Director, Saint Luke's Dental Associates of Solon, 440-248-2035, 440-248-2279 (Fax)

----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 8:58 AM Subject: Re: Cricket photos Mike, Thanks for the photos - no problems with the download. I didn't know that Canadians and Americans actually knew what cricket was - I have been the Dentist for a number of international tournaments, and my friends look at me like I have 3 ears when I tell them about the game and its rules. I will be sure to include them in an appropriate future presentation. Paul

----- Original Message ----- From: Melvin Choy To: Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 3:50 AM Subject: Re: San Antonio Photos: Mike Great photos.  Sorry I never got back to you after San Antonio but I was busy catching up at work and preparing for the AGD presentation.  It went well.  Anyhow, I am sending you my state's pamphlet which you can put on your website.  Also sending you info you wanted on the mouthguard thicknesses for different sports.  It is from a manual I purchased from Australia and I wrote an email address on the back in case you are interested.  I didn't know you were linked up to other sites.  A person from Hawaii contacted me through you website.  I didn't realize my email address was my home email  and couldn't figure out how she got it.  Could you change the email to my office email:  Thanks.  If you don't mind, you are on the Hawaii Academy for Sports Dentistry website that just launched at  A friend set this up for me and it will be better soon.  Keep in touch. Aloha,  Mel Choy

----- Original Message ----- From: Robert and Tania To: Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 10:43 PM Subject: mixed dentition mouthguards Jut wanted to reply to the questions in the mailbag on mixed dentitions...tho i warn you, i luv to ramble on!! I am team dentist for the OHL hockey club the Belleville Bulls. We have many players that move up to the NHL level, or are signed by anNHL team as they play for us. I took a hands on course yrs ago with Brett Dorney and use  Drufomat in my office. I think u ought to block out your models with either: silicone putty, light cure bleach tray blockout material or even putty used to insulate windows. Block out areas of anticipated eruption, twisting, movement (includes ortho cases in fixed cases..just take impression with blockout on rope wax in the mouth). I Tell the parents the guard may make it thru he season, but if not, I make a new one free of charge. Fixed cases may need a new one every 2 -3 months. Incorp this into your up front costs, or do a service to your patients. As the heat/pressure guards will retain superbly using buccal retention of teeth and mucobuccal areas..u dont worry about little ones ages 5 and up crying cause their INFERIOR store bought guards are falling out and gagging them. I would never ever have my kids in anything but a pressure/heat laminated guard at any age. It is just foolish to think anything less can aid in future compliance with the child, and of course more foolish to think your getting any signif. protection from boil and bites, of any type. I really believe we should be educating our patients better. Parents dont have Nike insurance, or Fubu insurance to help  buy the kids' sports clothes? But do they spend big bucks on sneakers and skates? u bet! Why? Becasue they value them. We must make them value us and our advice. We dont have kids in 1960's era football equipment anymore, so we shouldnt let them wear protective equipment for their mouths/brains/jaws that is from the 1960's either, like boil n bites.I don't  believe any PROPER studies have been published in 15+ yrs to support the use of boil n bites, only the reverse...good studies point out not to use them. I ramble. Sorry. I am pretty passionate. I feel kids will grow well protected, happier, and EAGERLY COMPLIANT  with mouthguards if they start early early on with guards that are not only VERY protective but VERY comfortable and retentive, like the pressure laminated ones. They will grow into healthy older athletes, with little to no brain damage(concussions) who regard their guards as essential equipment, and nevrer hesitate to use them always. The kids at the major junior A levels and beyond dont even want to listen, they are sometimes hopelessly noncompliant after yrs and yrs of crappy guards forced upon them from sports store dentistry. Summary:: Blockout the cases, use pressure lamination always. Remake cases free for mixed dentition kids/active ortho kids over the season ( a goodwill geasture), dont be scared by the falsehood that the guards will ruin an ortho case...they WILL NOT. (talk to Ray Padilla), or get your ortho  specialist to block it out for u as a favor. The kids, parents will love you for you. Esp the poor little 5 yr olds I saw this yr --who were vomiting on the ice with their boiln bites their parents made, or the unbelievably CRAPPY foam one piece pacifiier type 'guards' the local hockey association 'misled' them to buy for 20 bucks (!!!!) .  Our province mandated guards for all levels of hockey, but would not specify what kind of guard, only colored and fitteed with a strap. BTW re: straps---I always thought they were frowned on by the Academy of Sports dentistry? A good pressure laminated guard doesnt need one cause it stays put.SSSSSooooooo sorryy to preach to all you learned concerned colleagues. I am no expert that is for sure. I just feel very strongly for my little (and big) sporting patients. Sincerely, Rob Zaichick Belleville, Ontario, Canada

----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 5:39 PM Subject: Re: New Pamphlet, This is a response to Dr. Jackson's question about mixed dentition mouthguards.  I am a pediatric dentist and deal with this often.   I make the boil and bite mouthguards for the children in mixed dentition.   They are far less expensive and can be made easily.  I usually have the parents buy the color the children want and have them bring it to the office where I fit them at either operative or hygiene appointments.  It takes only a few minutes and I can "tweek" them to get a better fit than if they made them at home.  Feel free to contact me if you have further questions. Amy DeYoung DDS MS

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