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Sports Dentistry


Sports Dentistry Online Links

What is sportsdentistry and Sports Dentistry?

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ABC Dentist Global Dental Directory - A Global Dental Resource with over 1000 dental links organized by continent>country>specialty as well as forums, classifieds and more!

Advanced Medical Technologies - PC-based computing platforms link operatory procedures, office management activities, patient relations and education, and the dental laboratory in real time-heralding a new era of networked dentistry.

The American Association of Women Dentists - The American Association of Women Dentists' web site helps consumers find women dentists in their area and serves as an excellent information resource for members/women in dentistry.

Aseptico Inc - Aseptico manufactures specialized dental equipment for Endodontics,Implantology, Portable Dentistry, Military Field Dentistry, Dental Laboratory and state-of-the-art electric nail filing systems.

Barry C. Saltz, DDS - Overview of dental practice, professional services rendered, hours of practice, location, health history forms and biographical information.

BioHorizons Implant Systems, Inc - BioHorizons is a complete oral reconstructive company offering dental implants, bone regenerative products, Alloderm, and many other surgical instruments.

Boca Dental Supply - Dental materials, equipment, instruments and continuing education.

Bridgeport International - Removable Gold Teeth - Providing the world with removable gold teeth and vampire fangs.

Centaur Financial Services, Inc - Equipment leasing and practice acquisition financing including working capital and interior construction, supplies and inventory.

Commercials On Hold - On-hold messages and music, professionally customized.  Full service includes script writing, choice of voices, music and digital player.

Continuum Lasers - Manufacturer of the DELight Dental Laser.

Crystalmark Dental Systems, Inc - A site that displays the company products and services as well as providing an online version of the quarterly newsletter, Air Abrasion Today.

Dental Air Force - A home appliance replacing the toothbrush and power washing the mouth. Removes plaque, promotes healthy gums, cleans in and around braces and crowns, whitens teeth.

Dental Depot - Wholesale name brand oral care products for the whole family.

Dental Injuries & Sports - The website presents one of the world's leading researcher, author and lecturer on the treatment of acute dental trauma and how to reach her for advice and/or lectures on the topic.

Dentalman Australasia - Dentalman Australasia provides portable and ultra-portable dental equipment that offers uncompromised performance in any environment.

Dental Packonline - Online Dental Practice Management Application features most of the comprehensive capabiility practice management systems through the internet.

Dental Resources Inc - Professional mouthguards for athletes of all ages.
These mouthguards offer added protection and superior fit over boil and bite mouthguards.   Check out our whole "cool" line of guards. - Online dental community focusing on communication between dental professionals and the public. Come visit our Dental Mall, Message Boards, Live Chat Rooms & more!! - provides competive and convenient financing for the dental industry.  Contact us for your equipment and practice financing needs.

DentureBrite?- Sonic Cleaning System - Created by Denture Specialists, this non-abrasive hands-free system removes plaque, tartar, food debris and stains from dentures, partial dentures and night guards and retainers - in minutes! - Post dental images to a colleague's free "mailbox" from TigerView software.   It's easy, and the images are manipulatable online...unlike e-mail.

DNTLworks Equipment Corporation - Largest exclusive manufacturer of portable dental equipment, with over 130 products for the traveling dentist--delivery units, chairs, stools, lights, x-rays, vacuum and compressor units.

Doctor Direct Sales, Inc - We sell and repair highspeed handpieces and replacement turbines. "Experience DDS quality at affordable princing"

Doctor-to-Patient Communications - Increase office efficiency with our suite of communication software packages.  Appointment reminder system (HouseCalls), on-hold messaging, after hours call center, website design and hosting.

Dr Jang's Pediatric Dentistry - Homepage contains lecture slides of Orthodontics in Pediatric Dentistry also Sports Dentistry.  - The only geographical search engine for medical and sporting organizations.

Global Surgical Microscopes - Global Surgical provides dental microscopes used by Endodontists, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, and General Dentists who are all interested in precision and excellence. - Offering the lowest prices on your dental disposable needs.

GNI Marketing - The one stop place on the web for sterility assurance products, dental cassettes, dental instrumentation and more at the best prices!

Gordon J. Christensen - Continuing Dental Education...Videos, DVD's, & Courses!

Grafia - Customize and carry a wide variaty of colorful stock window decals.

Healthmark Industries Company, Inc - Products for the sterilization, decontamination, storage and security of dental equipment and supplies.

Implant News & Views - This implant newsletter has short and to-the-point clinical and practice management articles on all aspects of implantology. It offers a forum wherein anyone can share their opinions and expertise about implants.

International Association for Orthodontics - The International Association for Orthodontics website is designed for general dentists, pediatric dentists, other dentists interested in orthodontics. The site is also designed for the general public. Included on the website is a listing of orthodontic continuing education opportunities.

International Association of Dental Traumatology - The official site of the International Association of Dental Traumatology.  Does contain recent literature abstracts of dental trauma articles as well as meeting and membership information.  Will contain in the near future the official IADT guidelines for treatment of various dental trauma.

Iranian Orthodontic Laboratory - Information and pictures in persian or english. Excellent hard and soft appliances for chronic and acute dental trauama.

Lares Research - High tech dental equipment and patient information on less traumatic alternatives to hard and soft tissue dental procedures.

Lester A. Dine Inc. On-Line - Check out the latest in intra-oral photographic equpiment at Lester A. Dine Inc.'s web site...Dine On-Line. the site features the latest in 35mm, digital, and instant cameras for dentistry. is a medical search engine and portal. it has information for doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics and patients. Be sure to see our sister site; 

MedExplorer - Your health and medical information center.

Medical Care in Trinidad and Tobago - Guide to medical care in Trinidad and Tobago

Medicsindex - Medical Search Engine. Add your Clinic to our Search Engine.

MicroDental Laboratories - Restorative and cosmetic dental laboratory. Ask your dentist for customized mouthguards for perfect fit and the best protection in contact sports.

MicroSelect - Select products and supplies for the dental practice and laboratory.

MultiMedia Dental Systems, Inc - Digital Xray, Wireless intraoral cameras, technology consulting, installation and trainining.

Non Chew Cookbook - The Non Chew Cookbook was written for people with chewing, swallowing and dry mouth disorders.   Used by many health care professionals world wide.

Norris Hall Studio - Humorous, whimsical "Time to Brush" clocks for the Dental office. Designed and hand-crafted by artist Norris Hall. Guaranteed to bring a smile.

Open Please - OpenPlease Dental Catalog has just the thing to spruce up your home, office, and even your wardrobe!

Orascoptic Research - Manufacturer of complete line of ergonomic systems for dentistry; Including Flip-up and Through-the-lens Telescopes, Fiberoptic Headlights, Operator's Chairs. 

Ott-Lite Technology - Make shade taking accurate and easy with Ott-Lite TrueColor Lighting. Replicates natural daylight indoors - match colors easily, see details clearly, without harsh glare and eyestrain.

Palmero Health Care Inc - Palmero Health Care has been manufacturing infection control products, such as DisCide ULTRA for over 50 years.  Our mission is to make all environments infection free.

Patient Scheduling Online - Place your appointment management online and be available 24 / 7 for your patients to schedule their own appointments - saving time, money and adding value.

PhotoMed International - PhotoMed specializes in clinical photography. We offer digital, 35mm and Polaroid solutions and all the accessories you need to go with them. - your one stop for dental education in photography.

Polydentia SA - Swiss manufacturer of matrix and splinting systems, dental sundries.

Portable Dental Equipment - Brazil - A complete and portable dental clinic.Requires no special vehicle, no installation and no electricity.

PREAT Corporation - A complete listing of PREAT's precision attachments, implant abutments, and prosthetic specialty items.

Progressive Orthodontic Seminars - Learn orthodontics in the comfort of your home or office.  Study when you want to, at your own pace.  Add hundreds of cases to your practice.

Prosthodontics Intermedica Dental Implant Center - Dental information for the public & dental professionals. Implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, bone grafting. Continuing education courses. Prosthodontists, Drs. Thomas Balshi and Glenn Wolfinger.

Redwoods Group Dentists Insurance Program -  Endorsed by the National Society of Dental Practitioners (NSDP) the Program  is a complete package offering malpractice and business insurance, with  lower premiums from an "A" rated insurance company. A full  range of risk management services designed specifically for the unique
 concerns and needs of the dental profession is also provided.
Expert, insightful risk management guidance. Downloadable alerts, articles, newsletters and model record keeping system. Information about malpractice insurance program including services, coverage and  competitive premiums.

Ribbond, Inc - Trauma stabilization, periodontal splinting, bridges and much more.  Bondable fiber reinforcement ribbon prevents fracturing of dental resins in numerous dental applications.

RGP Dental - Swedish Support Stool - The Swedish Support Stool is an ergonomically designed operatory stool, which combines unparalleled support with an elegant design.  Its unique hydraulic mechanism adjust to an individual抯 personal requirements. The available shoulder support systems offer relief to the neck and back, while providing full range of motion.

Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - CloSYSII: Patented Oxygenating Chlorine Dioxide Oral Care. Alcohol-free. Neutralizes odor-causing compounds that cause bad breath & gingivitis. Whitens without bleach.

Sidental - Dental Supplies

SmartPractice Dental Supplies - The leader in Patient Communications products, with over 3,000 custom designed greeting and recall cards to choose from.  Also, a full-line Clinical Supplies and Glove distributor with an obsession for providing great customer service.

Southern Dental Industries, Inc - Manufacturer of dental restorative materials including composite resins, adhesives, pit and fissure sealants, amalgams and accessories.

Sterngold - Your source for restorative dentistry, a world renowned leader in alloys, attachments, implants, and restorative systems. Examples are the Stern ERA family of resilient dental attachments and the Natural Profile Abutment System for aesthetic restoration of osseointegrated implants.

Sterilizers & Autoclaves - New, used and remanufactured sterilizers and autoclaves.

Stylecraft Interiors - Manufacturers of Medical and Deantal cabinetry. All phases of cabinets. Medical and Dental cabinets. Treament, sterilization areas and lab cabinets.

The Center for Head and Facial Pain - This website discusses successful treatment of: headaches; pain in the face, jaw, eye and ear; dizziness; tinnitus; difficulty swallowing; burning tongue; sleep apnea; and snoring.

The Natural Dentist - The Natural Dentist Antimicrobial Rinse is an all natural, alcohol free mouthrinse which has been clinically proven to kill germs and reduce gingivitis and bleeding gums.

The Perfect Present Co - Discover unique & thoughtful Tooth Fairy gift ideas. Kids just love it! Creates family fun & saves baby teeth, tooth fairy money & dates.

The World of Health - Health information, products and services with the Scottish Health Directory.

TigerView X-ray Scanning Software - Complete image management software capable of scanning x-ray film, intra-oral video capture, digital camera and digital radiography image acquisition.  Send digitized images to insurance companies and colleagues.

TimeClock Plus Time & Attendance - TimeClock Plus is the simplest, most powerful, time and attendance solution for any company's needs. TimeClock Plus offers the small to mid-sized business an affordable solution to streamline hour tracking, automate employee scheduling or improve job tracking.

Timeclock Software Solutions - Lone Wolf Software, Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative Employee time tracking solutions for the personal computer, called the TimeWolf, employee timeclock series

Tissi Dental - European dental products and equipment manufacturer of impression materials, disinfectants and lab devices. 3 lines: Pharma for disinfectants and hygienical specialties, Dental for related products such as silicones and trays, Labo for equipment and products for dental labs. We currently exports to over 50 countries, mainly USA, Germany and Middle East, to the best dental depots. Other distributors are welcome for selected areas.

Tongue Sweeper锟?Oral Health Products - Tongue Sweeper, Inc. is the leading maker of medical grade tongue cleaning and oral hygiene instruments. - Dental portal and directory/search engine. Website design, automated scheduling/reminder service, job center, practice sales, online shopping, dental news, articles and events, and free email.

Unitex Textile Rental Services - Our customer base consists of 3,000 plus customers which include hospitals, nursing homes, surgi-centers and diagnostic clinics as well as professional, medical and dental offices.

University of Giessen Medical & Dental Centre - University of Giessen;  Germany's finest Dental School where even Sports Dentistry is researched.

Verafresh - Bad breath? Herbal oral rinse - fresh breath in 24 hours.

Waterwise - Water distillation, filtration and purification systems for home and office. Celebrating 24 Years of satisfied customers!

Welcome To Dr. Sain's Site - Learn about Dr. Sain's office, staff and orthodontics.

We Make Smiles Happen - Beverly Hills celebrity dentist

Whip Mix Corporation - Manufacturer of dental lab equipment and supplies. Fast setting Snap-Stone is ideal for making custom mouth guards.

Wynn Matsumura, DDS, MAGD - Various services offered by Dr. Matsumura: CV
location, arrangements, etc.

Zirc Dental Mfg - Develop, manufacture, market high quality innovative dental products.

Zoo Animal Teaching Aids - Dental teaching aids, puppets with twice life size dental models, fully flossible.   Great for memorable demonstration of proper brushing and flossing techniques.

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