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Sports Dentistry



What is sportsdentistry and Sports Dentistry?


We appreciate the value of your time. Unless an emergency arises, you will be seen promptly. We need your cooperation in order for us to stay on schedule and serve you better. If you cannot keep an appointment kindly give us 48 hours notice in order to avoid a nominal re-scheduling fee. This courtesy makes it possible to award your appointment time to another patient who desires to see the doctor. We suggest making weekday appointments before 12:30 PM for best service. For your safety your appointment is automatically cancelled without charge during inclement weather if New York City Public Schools are closed. Listen to 1010 WINS-AM News Radio for information. Click here if you would like to schedule and appointment now.

Emergency Care

Should a dental emergency occur call our office immediately.  Superior emergency coverage is available because the dentist lives on the premises shown above. If a problem arises when the office is closed just call 1-800-616-6399 to speak with a live operator 24-hours a day. Your emergency will be triaged promptly. This emergency phone number is also printed on back of the complimentary pocket reference calendars the office provides.

Telephone Calls

We encourage our patients to call with any questions they have concerning dental problems. Our staff will usually be able to answer non-technical questions. If the call requires the doctor speak with you and the doctor cannot come to the phone immediately the call will be returned at the earliest opportunity. E-mail is the preferred method of posing non-emergency questions as it avoids interruptions.

Financial Information

We appreciate payment for services rendered at the time of your visit unless other arrangements are made in advance. This helps lower costs and fees. In turn the savings is passed along to you. Ask us about our pre-payment professional courtesy option. For you convenience, we accept MasterCard, Discover and Visa. We're also proud subscribers to CareCredit from General Electric Credit Corporation. In fact, you can submit your application right now! See how much CareCredit you qualify for. Besides, it's a great help in budgeting payments for professional services. Apply now! Just click here.

Insurance Information

There are a great variety of dental insurance plans in existence. It is impossible to subscribe to them all. We welcome members of the Columbia University family and are charter members of the


because Dr Kurtz was a member of the Faculty and an Officer of the University. He accepts the Columbia Dental Plan and the Columbia Dental Plan Plus gladly as his contribution back to his Alma Mater. Click here for details about the plan. Naturally, we want to avoid any out-of-pocket expenses just as much as you do. The absolute best way to know exactly what a particular plan will allow towards a proposed dental treatment is to submit a pre-treatment estimate. This requires you to provide us with a signed dental insurance form. We in turn submit this form to your insurance carrier with any necessary x-rays for pre-determination. Please understand that in some cases proposed treatment may exceed a dental insurance plans annual maximum.There are usually no annual maximums when it comes to medical insurance. Why not uncap dental insurance annual maximums? Kindly ask your elected officials to fight to remove dental insurance annual maximums! Electronic claims submission speeds up the process further. Additionally, we have many nurses and teachers as patients.

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United Federation of Teachers

Regular Care

We trust you share our belief it is our joint responsibility to see that good oral health is maintained after dentistry is completed. Regular professional care can help save your teeth and reduce the cost of future treatment provided you perform conscientious daily home care. We are especially proud of our three month hygiene program. It's the best way to catch things when they are small. A written memory jogger will be sent to you when it is time for your check-up. You should always advise us of any change in your name, address, phone, fax, e-mail address, medical health or other pertinent information. You can update your medical and dental histories online by clicking here. We're looking forward to the opportunity of serving you.

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